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Voice of the Sea Season 9

Voice of the Sea is broadcast on TV in Hawaiʻi, American Samoa, Guam, Palau, The Federated States of Micronesia, and The Marshall Islands. Click on the episodes below to watch Voice of the Sea full episodes or 30 second trailers. Voice of the Sea is also available on our YouTube channel and Vimeo page.

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Limu being held in two hands

Limu Love

We’re celebrating the Year of the Limu at the Hāna Limu Festival on Maui, where limu experts and limu lovers from across Hawaiʻi have gathered to share knowledge, observe local limu, and celebrate this culturally, and environmentally critical food resource ...
Cover image for EXport Processes in the Ocean from RemoTe Sensing

EXPORTS 5: The Atlantic

We’re researching the deep-ocean food web as part of EXPORTS—the international research project studying carbon flow from the atmosphere to the deep sea, with NASA and the National Science Foundation. EXPORTS scientists studying zooplankton have discovered that these tiny animals ...
A feral cat lingers on a beach beside a resting Monk Seal

Monk Seals and Toxoplasmosis

We’re looking at the connections between humans, cats, monk seals — and the disease toxoplasmosis. Monk seals have lived in Hawaiʻi for over three million years, but their population has been severely depleted by human influences and habitat loss. Death ...
four images: a bird flying over the coastline, a barking seal, two birds cuddled together, and a person holding a cat up to the camera.

Managing Cats & Saving Native Wildlife on Maui

We’re on Maui, learning about efforts to manage the extreme number of feral cats—and how that will benefit both cats and the ecosystem! Cats in the wild have relatively harsh, short lives. And, they spread disease, posing health threats to ...
Sandy beach surrounded by vegetation. Clear blue sky and ocean with top of beach umbrella visible above vegetation in the foreground.

North Shore Coastal Erosion: Planning for Solutions

We're continuing our discussion about coastal erosion on Oʻahu’s North Shore—and the variety of proposed solutions to save the sand, homes, roads, and the coastal ecosystem. We start off at Sunset Beach with coastal geologist, Dolan Eversole, from the University ...
Coastal Erosion on Oahu's North Shore

North Shore Coastal Erosion

Weʻre on the North Shore of Oʻahu witnessing the extreme erosion events that are threatening homes, roads, ocean access, ecosystems, and historic burial sites. We visit Rocky Point, Laniākea, and Mokulēiʻa—three areas with recent beach erosion—to learn about solutions going ...
Hilo Loko Iʻa at sunset

Hilo Loko Iʻa

We’re on Hawaiʻi island in the district of Hilo, along the stretch of coastline known as Keaukaha—learning about loko iʻa, traditional Hawaiian fishponds—and the partnerships that make the Loko Iʻa in the district of Hilo so successful! Journey with us ...

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