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Voice of the Sea Season 6

Voice of the Sea is broadcast on TV in Hawaiʻi, American Samoa, Guam, Palau, The Federated States of Micronesia, and The Marshall Islands. Click on the episodes below to watch Voice of the Sea full episodes or 30 second promos. Voice of the Sea is also available on our YouTube channel and Vimeo page.

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An educator shows a tank of dry ice to children at the SOEST Open House 2019

SOEST Open House 2019

We join over 6,000 students and community members at SOEST open house — exploring the research, innovation, and education opportunities available at the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Every two ...
Geothermal image of Hurricane Lane

Hazard and Hurricane Preparedness

Weʻre talking preparedness with the scientists who wrote the Hawaiʻi Handbook on how to prepare for Natural Hazards. We visit the Central Pacific Hurricane Center to learn about how meteorologists forecast weather and what they do during hurricanes and tropical ...
A kiwikiu sits on a branch

Saving the Kiwikiu

We’re in the upper forests of East Maui, in the Nakula Natural Area Reserve, working with the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project to help to restore the Native Hawaiian forest as part of their mission to save nearly extinct birds, ...
Simple graphic for 'Wai Maoli: Hawaii Fresh Water Initiative' with an ocean inspired blue graphic background

Wai Maoli

We’re learning about Wai Maoli — Hawai’i’s Fresh Water Initiative to ensure water abundance for future generations. We talk to experts across the state about water conservation, water recharge, and water reuse. We start off with Dana Okano from the ...
View over a water treatment plant by the ocean

Water Reuse

We’re learning about the newest strategies in Hawaiʻi for recycling wastewater to help protect our fresh water supply and the environment. Recycling and Reusing our fresh water will not only help protect our fresh water supply for future generations, but ...
Voice of the Sea intro page, with ferns and trees in the background

Native Forests

We’re in the watershed forests of Oʻahu, Maui, and Hawaiʻi. We talk to hydrologists and ecological experts working to conserve and re-establish native plants and animals in these forests—in an effort to not only preserve the ʻaina but also to ...
Voice of the Sea title image with a map of the world in the background

EXPORTS 2: On Board The Roger Revelle

We're learning more about EXPORTS — NASA and the National Science Foundations’ epic research project to study the ocean’s carbon cycle, so that information from satellites can make more accurate predictions of global climate change. We start off on board ...
Title image for 'EXPORTS: export processes in the ocean from remote sensing'

EXPORTS: On Board The Sally Ride

We're in Seattle talking to scientists as they prepare to depart on the first leg of the EXPORTS research cruise to the northeastern Pacific ocean. EXPORTS is a revolutionary scientific undertaking by NASA and the National Science Foundation to understand ...
Collage image for the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, containing images of 3 people, a fish, bamboo and the CTAHR logo

College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

We’re exploring some of the research conducted by CTAHR  -UH’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources. We'll learn about traditional farming practices and indigenous plants as well as chemicals in the aquatic environment and their effects on food fishes ...
Voice of the Sea cover image with a greenhouse in the background

Conserving Fresh Water

We’re talking about the need to conserve fresh water in Hawaiʻi — as we face a future of reduced rainfall, increased drought, and a growing population. We'll learn from experts about how to protect fresh water in our homes and ...
voice of the sea, season 6, wpisode 1 is titled Hidden Benefits of Farming Kalo. composit photo of mountains, taro farm, people working, and native bird.

Hidden Benefits of Farming Kalo

Weʻre investigating the hidden benefits of farming kalo at Kakoʻo ʻŌiwi, a non profit loʻi in Kāneʻohe that is working to restore the wetland for food production, cultural revival, and water quality improvement. We talk to farmers and researchers from ...

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