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Voice of the Sea Season 8

Voice of the Sea is broadcast on TV in Hawaiʻi, American Samoa, Guam, Palau, The Federated States of Micronesia, and The Marshall Islands. Click on the episodes below to watch Voice of the Sea full episodes or 30 second trailers. Voice of the Sea is also available on our YouTube channel and Vimeo page.

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'Ama'ama swim in Waiahole

Kumuola Marine Science Education Center

We’re on the East side of Hawaiʻi Island as part of our series on loko iʻa (traditional Hawaiian fishponds). We visit the Kumuola Marine Science Education Center to learn about efforts to rehabilitate the Waiāhole and Kapalaho loko iʻa —located ...
A turtle (honu) is rested on it's back to be scanned by biologists

Honu Hospital

We're rehabilitating green sea turtles (honu) with the Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute. We rescue a turtle, learn about the latest techniques in turtle care, and witness the release of recovered patient MA164. Then, we explore the Maui Ocean Center ...
Waimānalo Aquaponics image of fresh produce, a live fish and a watercolor painted logo

Waimānalo Aquaponics

We’re visiting the flourishing aquaponics community in Waimānalo. We check out some backyard aquaponics systems to see what people are growing, and we talk to agriculture professor Ted Radovich, who shows us the aquaponics systems at the Waimānalo Learning Center ...
Two separate images of the ALOHA cabled observatory, along with an image of monitor screens observing and controlling

ALOHA Cabled Observatory

We're studying the ocean from the world's deepest research station, the ALOHA Cabled Observatory—known as the ACO. Located 100 km north of Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi (22 45'N, 158W) in the North Pacific, the ACO provides real-time observations from about 4,800 meters ...
Sea Urchin Hatchery

Sea Urchin Hatchery

We’re outplanting sea urchins in Waikīkī and talking about the importance of urchins in helping to control invasive algae with Wesley Dukes and Kimberly Fuller from the Hawaiʻi Division of Aquatic Resources. Then, we visit the sea urchin hatchery at ...
A satellite remote sensing the oceans in a graphic for EXPORTS

EXPORTS 4: Colors of Phytoplankton

We’re traveling from space to the deep sea with EXPORTS­—a NASA and National Science Foundation project that brings together scientists from around the world, to combine new technologies in at-sea research, satellites, and mathematical modeling. EXPORTS findings will greatly advance our understanding of current ...
An adult and a child stand on the shoreline and look out into the waves while holding fishing nets about to be cast

Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Areas

We’re talking about the growing opportunities for communities to formally manage their natural resources and preserve local traditions. We talk with Luna Kekoa from the Hawaiʻi Division of Aquatic Resources about Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Areas and when this new designation ...

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