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Conserving Fresh Water

We’re talking about the need to conserve fresh water in Hawaiʻi — as we face a future of reduced rainfall, increased drought, and a growing population. We’ll learn from experts about how to protect fresh water in our homes and in our communities.

I talk to Micah Kāne and Tim Johns, at the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation to learn more about the freshwater initiative for the year 2030. Then, I catch up with Reggie Castanares at the Plumbers & Fitters Training Center to learn about the role of plumbing and fixtures in conserving water. Next, I talk with Barry Usagawa at the Honolulu Board of Water Supply about the need to conserve fresh water amidst the increasing demands from our growing population and growing agriculture. Finally, I tour the Hui Kū Maoli Ola gardens with Rick Barboza to learn how native plants can be used to help conserve fresh water.

We all play an important part in conserving fresh water. You can help by using smart landscaping practices, reducing leaks, and using efficient fixtures.

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