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SOEST Open House 2023

We’re at Discover UH Mānoa Days—checking out the School of Ocean and Earth, Science, and Technology Open House! With over 80 exhibits, activities, demonstrations, and tours, SOEST Open House is an amazing place to learn about the important research and exciting opportunities available for students—and the community.

Join us as we explore deep sea robots, take pictures with the Mars rover, fish for knowledge, touch marine invertebrates, check out the prey items of pelagic fishes, scan for radioactivity, simulate a volcano, climb inside a whale and so much more!

Watch the trailer for Season 10, Episode 6 on Vimeo, on YouTube, or on Vimeo with English Subtitles.

Full Episode

Or watch the episode on: YouTube!

(With archived researcher comments from our premiere on Dec 14, 2023.)

This episode is also available with English Subtitles on Vimeo.

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