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Voice of the Sea Season 1

Voice of the Sea is broadcast on TV in Hawaiʻi, American Samoa, Guam, Palau, The Federated States of Micronesia, and The Marshall Islands. Click on the episodes below to watch Voice of the Sea full episodes or 30 second promos. Voice of the Sea is also available on our YouTube channel and Vimeo page.

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Four separate black & white images of two fish swimming side by side

Fish Spawning Aggregations

Researchers Terry Donaldson and Pat Colin talk about fish spawning aggregations - elusive and amazing events Watch the trailer for Season 1, Episode 19 on Vimeo or Youtube.  FULL ...
A close up image of a cone snail

Cancer and Cone Snails

How the cone snails of Guam and corals of Palau are used in cancer research Watch the trailer for Season 1, Episode 18 on Vimeo or Youtube.  FULL EPISODE ...
A white bird with a long wingspan flies through the sky

Palau’s Endangered Animals

We learn about the endangered sea mammal, the dugong, and the endangered and beautiful shorebirds of Palau Watch the trailer for Season 1, Episode 17 on Vimeo or Youtube.  ...
The Hokulea sails across open waters

Navigation and Traditional Sailing

We meet traditional navigator Sesario Sewralur and traditional sailor Tim Gilliom and learn about finding your way across the ocean using only your senses. Watch ...
A large amount of jellyfish swim in the ocean

Jellyfish Lake

We meet research assistant Gerda Ucharm, who takes us to the world famous Jellyfish Lake of Palau. Watch the trailer for Season 1, Episode 15 on Vimeo or Youtube.  ...
A drone image of Palau's islands

Preserving Palau

In this episode we explore how a changing ocean is impacting this island nation.  Watch the trailer for Season 1, Episode 14 on Vimeo or Youtube. FULL EPISODE Or ...
Small red and white striped fish swim in a group

Upcoming Episode Special

In this special episode, we preview some of the upcoming stories on Voice of the Sea, including Palau's jellyfish lake, endangered animals, underwater photography, cone ...
A woman sits in a field surrounded by Albatross birds

Discovering Mokupapapa and ARMS

We tour the Mokupapapa Discovery Center in Hilo where we meet Virginia Branco and Patricia Richardson. Then we learn about Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS) ...
Screenshot of a Voice of the Sea still, a person points over produce growing

Farming Fish

We check out the supersized aquaponics setup at Maui Aquaponics, where Ed Cichon and Chris Kiser show us how they grow talapia and lettuce in ...
Chemicals are being poured into a small tank as a person watches over

Open House of the Sea

We visit the SOEST open house to learn about earthquakes, volcanoes, waves, and the sounds of the sea. Meet Garret Apuzen-Ito, Ph.D. and Jonathan Weiss ...
Black and white image of a deep sea fish

Deep Sea Lab

We learn about the creatures of the deep sea and how we study them with oceanographer Jeff Drazen Watch the trailer for Season 1, Episode 9 ...
Lava glows bright while it flows at night

Tracking Lava Flows with the USGS

We meet USGS geologists, Matt Patrick and Tristan McDonald, on the Big Island who show us what it is like to track an active lava ...
Kanesa and a student look over a tank in a lab

Farming Oysters and Algae

We tour the Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resources center at UH Hilo where they grow oysters and oyster food Watch the trailer for Season 1, Episode ...
Black and White Microscopic image of an organism collected

Collecting Data Aboard the Tara Oceans Expedition

We are back onboard the Tara to learn more about the research and crew of this ship. Watch the trailer for Season 1, Episode 5 on Vimeo or Youtube.  ...
A boat with sails reading 'Tara Oceans' flies across the sea, with some rock formations in the background

The Global Tara Oceans Expedition

We tour the famous traveling science experiment ship called the Tara and meet its crewmembers. Watch the trailer for Season 1, Episode 5 on Vim eo or Youtube.  FULL ...
Very fine sand runs between a person's two hands

Saving Hawaii’s Beaches

We meet coastal hazards specialist, Tara Owens, on Maui to learn about beach restoration programs and what we can do to save our beaches Watch ...
Two people lift up an aquaponic grow operation to look at the roots

Aquaponics and Wind Turbines

We meet Maui visionary Tony Liserre who shows us his home aquaponics system and unique wind turbine system Watch the trailer for Season 1, Episode ...
A man explains the rock wall creation to Kanesa

Restoring a Hawaiian Fishpond

We meet Kimokeo Kapahulehua and learn about the restoration of Maui’s Ko’ie’ie Loko I’a Watch the trailer for Season 1, Episode 2 on Vimeo or Youtube. FULL ...
Eight thumbnail images: a hand drawing on paper, two monitor screens, two blue whales swimming, an infrared map, a man standing, an organism on a hand, a man speaking in an orange shirt, a fish

An Intro to Voice of the Sea

In this special debut episode, we preview some of the stories we’ll tell this season on Voice of the Sea, including fishponds, beaches, Tara expedition, ...

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