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Cesspool Solutions

We’re investigating new alternatives for small-scale wastewater treatment—to help stop the daily leakage of 53 million gallons of sewage from cesspools across Hawaiʻi. We learn about microbes that help clean water, and microbes used to track the source of pollution into the ocean. We talk to engineers working to develop low-cost solutions made from local materials. And, we learn about the installation of off-the-shelf solutions, like self-contained aerobic treatment units. We start off at the Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology for the installation of the first incineration toilet in Hawaiʻi.

Watch the trailer for Season 7, Episode 10 on Vimeo or on YouTube.

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(with archived researcher comments from our premiere on Jan 21st, 2021.)

This episode is also available with English subtitles on Vimeo.

Maitau lenei mea i le Samoa ile Vimeo poʻo le YouTube.

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