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Cesspool Contamination Revealed by Invasive Algae

We’re learning how invasive algae are being used to detect cesspool contamination across Hawaiʻi. Cesspools are leaching excess nutrients into the environment, contaminating our water systems, and negatively affecting the growth of algae and coral reefs. Hawaiʻi has less than 30 years to replace over 80 thousand cesspools. Scientists are analyzing the Nitrogen levels in algae to see where along our coastlines the cesspools are leaking most. We’ll learn how scientists are gathering this data and what can be done with technology and policy solutions to help improve the way we treat our wastewater in the future.

Watch the trailer for Season 7, Episode 5 on Vimeo or on YouTube.

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This episode is also available with English subtitles on Vimeo and Youtube.

Maitau lenei mea i le Samoa ile Vimeo poʻo le YouTube.

Watch the episode on YouTube with recorded researcher comments from our live-chat on Wednesday June 10th, 2020.

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