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Shark Depredation in Guam

We’re covering the the rising problem of shark depredation—when sharks eat fish off the line before fishers can secure their catch, which raises costs and stresses fisheries. Together, fishers and shark researchers are working to better understand shark behavior and develop strategies that lessen shark depredation.

We head to the Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology, where fishers from Guam and Saipan gathered for a week-long workshop with Shark Lab researchers—to gain hands-on experience in shark handling techniques and learn to use advanced tagging technology to map shark movements.

Watch the trailer for Season 10, Episode 4 on Vimeo, or YouTube, or on Vimeo with English Subtitles.

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On TV in Hawaiʻi: Re-run Sep 24 & Sep 30 @ 6pm on K5!

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(With archived researcher comments from our premiere on Sep 12, 2023.)

This episode is also available with English Subtitles on Vimeo.

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