Sustainable Aquaculture

11 Feb: Identifying the physiological responses to extreme environmental changes in native Hawaiian sea cucumbers found in traditional fishponds

PI: Andre Seale
One challenge for successful Hawaiian fishpond restoration is the incomplete understanding of the changes to pond biological resources in response to environmental changes and managed production strategies. This project explores the optimal conditions for raising two native Hawaiian sea cucumbers, unique candidates for improving fishpond ecosystems via enhanced nutrient cycling.

10 Feb: Exploring nutrient utilization in native Hawaiian seaweeds for parallel aquaculture development across restoration and sustainability applications

PI: Craig Nelson
Aquaculture efforts to raise edible native limu require reliable and sustainable nutrient sources that have no negative impacts on their microbiota. This project seeks to advance limu production in Hawaiʻi by evaluating the potential of nutrient-rich groundwater and fish-aquaculture effluent as new nutrient sources for limu aquaculture.