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Curious about jobs in aquaculture? Check out these videos:

Careers in Aquaculture
Oyster Farming in a Hawaiian Fishpond
Island Farmer Spotlight – Hawaii Fish Company

Aquaculture Training Programs in Hawaiʻi

Jobs and Internships

If you have jobs or other opportunities to post, please contact These jobs were last updated on 2/28/23.

Blue Ocean Barns
Airtable Database Consultant
Algae Field Cultivation Technician
Algae Processing Technician
Algae Quality Assurance Technician
Algae Technician – multiple positions!
Animal Science Manager
Aquaculture Op R&D and QA Internships for high school students
Aquaculture Production & Processing Internships for high school studentsFacilities Maintenance, Inventory & Local Procurement Associate

Blue Ocean Mariculture
Hatchery Technician
Hawaii Sales Manager
Offshore Production Diver – Farm Hand
Retail Sales Associate
Seafood Packer

Customer Service/Inside Sales Representative
Electrician/Maintenance Mechanic
Extraction Manager

Hawaii Pacific University/Oceanic Institute
Floating Lab Specialist
Science Instructor
Maritime Instructor

Mari’s Garden
Internship & Volunteering Opportunities

Internship Program
Groundskeeping and Facilities Maintenance Utility Worker
Marketing and Leasing Specialist

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Specialist (remote opportunity)

Ocean Era
Research Technician, Macroalgae
Research Technician, Finfish

Pacific Hybreed
PT/FT Shellfish Nursery Technician – Kona, HI

Macroalgae Technician 
Processing Technician
Research Assistant
VP of Business Development 

Closed Jobs/Filled Positions
Blue Ocean Barns Aquaculture Systems Technician
Blue Ocean Barns Aquaculture Systems Engineer
Blue Ocean Barns Algae Field Cultivation Supervisor
Blue Ocean Barns Financial Planning & Analysis Director
Blue Ocean Barns Animal Science Lead
Blue Ocean Barns Operations Excellence Manager
Blue Ocean Barns Algae Quality Assurance Technician
Blue Ocean Barns Algae Processing Technician
Blue Ocean Barns Sanitation Coordinator – FT
Blue Ocean Barns Sanitation Coordinator – PT
Blue Ocean Barns Aquaculture Systems & Maintenance Technician
Blue Ocean Barns Aquaculture Systems Technician
Blue Ocean Barns Housekeeping/Sanitation Coordinator – FT
Blue Ocean Barns Housekeeping/Sanitation Coordinator – PT
Blue Ocean Barns Junior Commercial Phycologist
Blue Ocean Barns Procurement Assistant
Blue Ocean Barns Procurement Associate
Blue Ocean Barns Senior Commercial Phycologist (Macroalgae)
Blue Ocean Mariculture Yard Hand/Driver
Blue Ocean Mariculture Accounts Receivable Specialist
Blue Ocean Mariculture Driver
Blue Ocean Mariculture Hatchery Technician
Blue Ocean Mariculture Production Team Member
Blue Ocean Mariculture Director of Marketing
Blue Ocean Mariculture Mechanic
Blue Ocean Mariculture Offshore Production Diver – Farm Hand
Blue Ocean Mariculture Construction Manager
California Sea Grant Research and Outreach Specialist
Cyanotech AX Pond Field Technician (full time, part time, seasonal)
Cyanotech Extraction Operator (grave shift)
Cyanotech Tablet Press Assistant/Harvest Processor Floater (grave shift)
Cyanotech Accounting Manager
Cyanotech Accounts Payable Specialist
Cyanotech Harvest Processor (day, swing, & grave shift)
Cyanotech Harvest Processor (grave shift)
Cyanotech In-house Construction Crew
Cyanotech Quality Control Lab Technician I
Cyanotech AX Cultivation Field Technician
Cyanotech AX Pond Field Technician (seasonal with opportunity for permanent hire)
Cyanotech Business Analyst and Project Manager
Cyanotech Customer Service Representative
Cyanotech Research Field Technician – Contract Research
Cyanotech Research Specialist & Contract Research
Cyanotech Supply Chain Assistant (temporary)
Cyanotech Distribution Warehouse Specialist
Forever Oceans Emerging Mariculture Crops Specialist
Hawaii Pacific University/Oceanic Institute Research Assistant, Finfish
Hawaii Pacific University/Oceanic Institute Maritime Programs Coordinator
Kualoa Ranch Aquaculture Laborer – Shrimp/Tilapia
Kualoa Ranch Aquaculture Laborer – Molii Fishpond
Local Iʻa Fish Processor
Ocean Era Research Technician – Macroalgae
Ocean Era Macroalgae Aquaculture Technician
Symbrosia Livestock Project Success Manager
Symbrosia Macroalgae Technician
Symbrosia Lab Technician
Symbrosia Office & Culture Coordinator


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