Research Project

Rootlets abound in a brown chunk of mud held for the camera

27 Jul: Sneaking up on mud

Join us in our sampling on southern Moloka‘i, where we cut and climb our way through dense mangrove thickets, and to windward O‘ahu, where we wade waist-deep through mud flats to capture just the right mud. And how might one go about capturing that right mud? By sneaking up on it, of course.
Sandy coastal water bounded by rocks is rippled by upwelling groundwater

01 Jun: Picking apart “dirty” groundwater sources

Groundwater contamination plays a much deeper role than just the concern of whether our drinking water is safe; it also has major implications for ecosystem balances. Come read about this project focused on picking apart what human sources are responsible for groundwater contamination and new ways we might be able to tackle tracing those sources.
Scenic view looking down across the coastline and buildings of Waikiki, with the Waiʻanae Mountains in the background

18 May: Science and design collide: Benefits of interdisciplinary research and collaboration

How do you cope with rising seas against a built-up coastline like Waikīkī? Bring minds together from across the spectrum to work together! Come learn about a project that brought the science and architectural design communities, together with interested parties from the public, to explore the future of Waikīkī’s built environment.