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Shallow coastal waters in a rocky baylet show patterns of upwelling water

Using, valuing, and caring for groundwater dependent ecosystems in Kona, Hawaiʻi

This Sea Grant Graduate Fellow returns to her hometown to study groundwater dependent ecosystems, and share with the world the ways the people of Kona use, value, and care for wai (water) and that which is dependent upon it.
In the zone: How salinity research can aid native Hawaiian plants

In the zone: How salinity research can aid native Hawaiian plants

Hawaiʻi is a hotspot for biological diversity and home to some of the rarest plants in the world. But these unique species are under threat from their neighbors and the sea. Learn more about these threats and how ongoing research may be able to help.
A crowded beach scene with beach goers, umbrellas, and even a boat, with sparkling blue-green water in the background

Must like long walks on the beach

What’s a beach day worth? What’s the economic value of Waikīkī Beach? What do people like and how do they make choices when it comes to recreation? This post takes a brief look at surveying to find answers to these questions.
Hand written notes border an overhead image of buildings in Waikiki

An Architect’s Toolkit: Waikiki and Future Sea-level Rise

As a way to help people envision a resilient Waikīkī adapted to future sea-level rise, the use of sketches and renderings are important communication tools. Learn about using images to help the public understand sea-level rise as a problem and ways that Waikīkī may adapt to it.
Looking down on coastal pool whose waters glow bright green

Tracing the Pollution Problem

Learn about how a UH Hilo research group is using dye tracer tests to assess how cesspools along Hilo shorelines may be contributing to sewage pollution issues in coastal waters. But even if they can successfully trace the problem, what are the solutions?
View of a verdant mixture of trees and shrubs

The Little Red Wheelbarrow

Ever wondered what an agroforest is? Or what one of the most productive agricultural systems was in Hawaiʻi pre-contact? Envision with us alternate futures for currently un-managed agricultural lands across Hawaiʻi as we work to model the benefits and tradeoffs of agroforest restoration.