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Close up of small round baby fish with large eyes

Feed me! How examining larval diets could be a game-changer for aquaculture

What marine fish larvae eat in the wild is mostly unknown. Come learn how this Grad Fellow’s research uses advanced DNA technology to attempt to resolve that question, to improve the ability of raising valuable ornamental fish in captivity.
Sandy coastal water bounded by rocks is rippled by upwelling groundwater

Picking apart “dirty” groundwater sources

Groundwater contamination plays a much deeper role than just the concern of whether our drinking water is safe; it also has major implications for ecosystem balances. Come read about this project focused on picking apart what human sources are responsible for groundwater contamination and new ways we might be able to tackle tracing those sources.
Scenic view looking down across the coastline and buildings of Waikiki, with the Waiʻanae Mountains in the background

Science and design collide: Benefits of interdisciplinary research and collaboration

How do you cope with rising seas against a built-up coastline like Waikīkī? Bring minds together from across the spectrum to work together! Come learn about a project that brought the science and architectural design communities, together with interested parties from the public, to explore the future of Waikīkī’s built environment.
Shallow coastal waters in a rocky baylet show patterns of upwelling water

Using, valuing, and caring for groundwater dependent ecosystems in Kona, Hawaiʻi

This Sea Grant Graduate Fellow returns to her hometown to study groundwater dependent ecosystems, and share with the world the ways the people of Kona use, value, and care for wai (water) and that which is dependent upon it.
In the zone: How salinity research can aid native Hawaiian plants

In the zone: How salinity research can aid native Hawaiian plants

Hawaiʻi is a hotspot for biological diversity and home to some of the rarest plants in the world. But these unique species are under threat from their neighbors and the sea. Learn more about these threats and how ongoing research may be able to help.
A crowded beach scene with beach goers, umbrellas, and even a boat, with sparkling blue-green water in the background

Must like long walks on the beach

What’s a beach day worth? What’s the economic value of Waikīkī Beach? What do people like and how do they make choices when it comes to recreation? This post takes a brief look at surveying to find answers to these questions.