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Building Permit

A. Legal Authority

  • Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes (Various)
  • Charters of the County of Kauai, City and County of Honolulu, County of Maui and County of Hawaiʻi
  • County Ordinances of the County of Kauai, City and County of Honolulu, County of Maui and County of Hawaiʻi

B. Purpose

The Building Permit System was developed to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public through the government review and enforcement of various codes as provided by law (statutes, regulations and ordinances), including those for zoning, building, housing, electrical, and plumbing.

C. Applicability to Aquaculture

Land-based aquaculture requires various production and support structures to be built on a project site. Anyone desiring to erect, construct, enlarge, repair, move, improve, convert, alter, remove, or demolish any building or structure (including most fences and retaining walls) is required to obtain a Building Permit from the respective county prior to undertaking the activity.

D. Administering Department

Building Permits for the respective counties are administered by the Department of Public Works in the County of Kauai, Maui and Hawaiʻi and the Building Division of the Department of Planning and Permitting in the City and County of Honolulu.


Building Division
Department of Public Works
County of Kauai
4444 Rice Street, Suite 175
Lihue, Kauai 96766
Phone: 808-241-4854
Web site:


Building Permit Office
Development Services Administration
Department of Public Works
County of Maui
250 South High Street
Wailuku, Maui 96793
Phone: 808-270-7379
Web site:


Building Division
City and County of Honolulu
650 South King Street
Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96813
Phone: 808-523-4564
Web site:


Building Division
Department of Public Works
County of Hawaiʻi
25 Aupuni Street
Hilo, Hawaiʻi 96720
Phone: 808-961-8331
Web site:

E. Information Requirements

In general for all counties, the information required for a Building Permit is similar and is presented in the form of detailed scale drawings, with explanatory information annotated. An applicant is required to submit a variety of information, as pertinent to their specific project proposal, including:

  • Plot plan showing the location of the proposed action in relation to properly lines, other buildings or structures, roadways and easements and any other pertinent information;
  • Floor plan which indicates the dimension and use of the rooms;
  • Framing plan or typical section view showing ceiling heights and the size and spacing of beams, floor joists, studs, siding, foundation, rafters, etc.;
  • Exterior elevation views showing the height of the building or structure;
  • Location of property and owner’s address;
  • Name and address of person preparing the plans (if other than the property owner);
  • Contractor’s statement as required by Chapter 444, HRS; and
  • Any additional information as deemed necessary by the administering department.

As required by Chapter 464, HRS, plans and specifications submitted in conjunction with the request for a Building Permit shall bear the seal and signature of an architect or structural engineer licensed in Hawaiʻi.

F. Public Participation

There is no requirement for a public hearing in connection with a Building Permit.

G. Process Time

The processing time of the permit application varies with the size and complexity of the project proposal. The administering department reviews the application and plans for compliance with the respective county zoning ordinance, building, housing, electrical and plumbing codes. The application is routed through a number of county and state agencies with jurisdiction over specific aspects of the proposed work. Each of these agencies is required to sign the application form to indicate the applicant’s compliance with applicable laws. If an applicant has not met all of the agency requirements, the application will not be signed and the Building Permit will be denied.

H. Sequence of Filing

A Building Permit will not be granted until an applicant complies with all other environmental and regulatory requirements.

I. Cost

The filing fee for a Building Permit is calculated on the value of the proposed project: the larger the value of the project, the larger the fees. An applicant should consult the administering department of their respective county for specific fee schedules.

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Web site:


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