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WRS Banner
Aquaculture Hub circular logo
Pacific Region Aquaculture and Coastal Resource Hub
  • TERM: Wai / Waiwai
  • MEANING: Water. Collective wealth.
  • ICON: Depicts a waterfall or the flow of water from mountain to ocean.

Water comes from the mountains and runs down cliffs. It offers wealth that is unparalleled visually and from the natural resource perspective. This icon shows a waterfall and underscores the movement of water as essential to its conservation. Respecting the movement of water, where we store it, and how we use it, is essential. 

SBCD Banner
Logo featuring an illustration of a lagoon, mountain and a city

Center for Smart Building & Community Design

  • MEANING: Support post or beam.
  • ICON: Aerial view of a post or beam with the lashing that supports the roof  of a hale pili.

Well-designed buildings and communities are the foundation of a thriving society. They provide the spaces where we work, play, and birth our best ideas. This center is even more critical in island communities where resources are limited. This icon symbolizes the post and beam of a hale pili, or a thatched house that would have efficiently and effectively used appropriate, natural materials.

CCSR Banner
The waves, mountains and rain appear to be in harmony in this small round logo

Center for Coastal and Climate Science and Resilience

  • MEANING: Air movement over time
  • ICON: The icon could be seen as symbolizing water or air but this is appropriate as our climate is created by the interaction of these elements.

Climate is the statistics of weather over long periods of time. It is measured by assessing the patterns of variation in temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, precipitation, atmospheric particle count and other meteorological variables. This icon can actually be presented to have the “arrows” face any direction so as to present various climates or climate patterns over time.

SCT Banner
The sun, land and sea intertwine in a cyclical image

Center for Sustainable Coastal Tourism

  • MEANING: Pole or stick used for carrying burdens across the shoulders.
  • ICON: The icon is meant to look like the middle section of carved ʻauamo stick.

Many cultures have used long sticks carried across the shoulders to transport goods or water. As the tourism industry has been Hawaiʻiʻs core economic driver it has carried us forward. At present, not only must we diversify our economy, we must work to make tourism sustainable so that it can continue to provide support.

MSE Banner
college of education at UH Manoa logo

Center for Marine Science Education

  • TERM: AʻO
  • MEANING: Instruction, teaching, doctrine, learning
  • ICON: The icon represents the ripples of change that expand outward when we expand our mind and knowledge base.

As the Center seeks to teach and learn, the Hawaiian term chosen as inspiration for the icon is AʻO, which means to teach, learn, advise or a precept. Centers of all kinds ultimately provide a space that brings people together, and as ideas emerge and people synergize, these Centers become catalysts for change.

ISKC Banner
two hands encapsulate the ocean and land

Ulana ʻIke Center of Excellence

  • MEANING: Work, labor, occupation, function.
  • ICON: The icon shows four sections of a square, two are active and two are passive–duality. Each section serves a function.

Integration of what we know, feel, experience and share is key to developing and growing a culture. Each section of the square symbolizes the mechanisms for each aspect of society to fulfill its function; to work towards the betterment of the whole. This icon also symbolizes integration of multiple forms of knowledge.