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SMMILE For Marine Mammals!

We’re learning about marine mammal research and traditional navigation practices as part of SMMILE—the Summer Marine Mammal Intensive Learning Experience for Hawaiʻi high school students entering their junior or senior year. We head to the Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) with SMMILE program coordinators Kirby Parnell and Brijonnay Madrigal to learn about studies being conducted by the Marine Mammal Research Program (MMRP). Then, we visit the Kānehūnāmoku Voyaging Academy (KVA) and talk with SMMILE student alumni—about what they learned and about how the SMMILE program affected their career paths.

Watch the trailer for Season 10, Episode 5 on Vimeo, or YouTube, or on Vimeo with English Subtitles.

Full Episode

Or watch the episode on: YouTube!

(With archived researcher comments from our premiere on Oct 19, 2023.)

This episode is also available with English Subtitles on Vimeo.

Voice of the Sea watch party flyer, October 2023. Consists of dolphin and whale fins, in addition to headshots of students.

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