Sustainable Coastal Tourism

Plant covered dunes end in abrupt meter-high drop-offs to a narrow remnant of beach washed by low surf, as beachgoers sit, walk, and play along the eroded shoreline.

30 May: Estimating the economic value of coastal tourism under climate change using revealed mobile phone network data

PI: Nori Tarui
Hawaiian coastlines are integral to Hawaiian tourism, a leading economic driver in the state, but are being impacted by climate change and sea-level rise. This study explores the economic repercussions of shifting sites suitable for recreation across the state to understand better the value of coastal and outdoor recreation over time under different climate scenarios.
Scenic view looking down across the coastline and buildings of Waikiki, with the Waiʻanae Mountains in the background

18 May: Science and design collide: Benefits of interdisciplinary research and collaboration

How do you cope with rising seas against a built-up coastline like Waikīkī? Bring minds together from across the spectrum to work together! Come learn about a project that brought the science and architectural design communities, together with interested parties from the public, to explore the future of Waikīkī’s built environment.