ALOHA Cabled Observatory

We’re studying the ocean from the world’s deepest research station, the ALOHA Cabled Observatory—known as the ACO. Located 100 km north of Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi (22 45’N, 158W) in the North Pacific, the ACO provides real-time observations from about 4,800 meters deep via a submarine fiber optic cable that comes ashore at Mākaha, on the West side of Oʻahu. In addition to ocean sounds, the ACO records continuous observations of temperature, salinity, and ocean currents. Weʻll meet the scientists who drive the Remotely Operated Vehicle Luʻukai to the observatory, study and analyze the data collected there, and repair, maintain, and enhance the capabilities of the ACO.

Watch the trailer for Season 8, Episode 4 on Vimeo or on YouTube.

Cover photos courtesy of Meagan Putts and the ROV Luʻukai.

TV Premiere: Sat July 17 @4pm and Sun July 18 6pm HST on K5 (cable channels 6 and 1006)

Online Premiere and YouTube Watch Party:                    Aug 5, 2021 at 1130am HST!

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