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A bright blue cephalophis Argus swims through a reef
Fishes suspected of carrying ciguatoxins in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

The fish names appear as follows: local name (if known), common name, and scientific name. Please click on any image to view an enlarged version in a new window.

A pastel rainbow colored pacific longnose parrotfish

Ek mouj

Pacific Longnose parrotfish

Hipposcarus longiceps

Whitespotted surgeonfish is seen with a brown body, two vertical white stripes near its head, and a spotted rear


White-spotted surgeonfish

Acanthurus guttatus

Spottface surgeonfish feeds on some algae

Spotface surgeonfish

Acanthurus maculiceps

Striated Surgeonfish swims past a coral reef

Striated Surgeonfish

Ctenochaetus striatus

Small mullet swims near the surface of the water


Fringelip mullet

Crenimugil crenilabis

Bluespotted large-eye bream

Gymnocranius microdon

Two Striped large eye bream swim side by side


Striped large-eye bream

Gnathodentex aurolineatus

Beautiful blue-green-silver ʻOmilu glides through the water


Bluefin trevally

Caranx melampygus

A Mū is photographed underwater, a silver fish with an orange fin


Big-eye emperor

Monotaxis grandoculis

Longface emperor, with it's pale scales swims past a reef

Longfaced Emperor

Lethrinus olivaceus

A grey-silver thumbprint emperor

Thumbprint emperor

Lethrimus harak

Orange-spotted emperor fish swims through some murky water

Orange-spotted Emperor

Lethrinus erythracantus

A chunky brown fish, the brown-marbled grouper swims past some smaller fish by the reef

Brown-marbled grouper

Epinephelus fuscoguttatus

A brown and white speckled grouper swims between corals


Squaretail coral grouper

Plectropamus areolatus

A roi or peacock grouper swims by the reef

Peacock grouper

Cephalopholis argus

A giant grouper with it's face fronting the camera

Giant grouper

Epinephelus lanceolatus

A red snapper swims in the deep ocean


Red Snapper

Lutjanus bohar

One spot snapper appears with a blue/silver body and bright yellow fins


One-spot Snapper

Lutjanus monostigma

A yellow Toʻau or bacltail snapper swims through the water, the tail is a deep purple color

Blacktail snapper

Lutjanus fulvus

Humpback snapper is seen with it's yellow body and bright red fins and tail

Humpback red snapper

Lutjanus gibbus

The green and red yellow-edged lyretail

Yellow-edged lyretail

Variola louti

An african pompani glides through a nearly black ocean

African pompano

Alectis ciliaris

An uku glides through dark blue ocean, reflecting a silver-blue color onto it's scales

Green jobfish

Aprion virescens

A long, skinny fish with scales that resemble a tiger

Pickhandle barracuda

Sphyraena jello

Very long and thin barracudas with their many stripes

Blacktail barracuda

Sphyraena qenie

A long, slim barracuda glides through the water

Great barracuda

Sphyraena barracuda

Hookjaw moray eel peers out of a cave

Hookjaw moray eel

Enchelycore lichenosa


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