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A bright blue cephalophis Argus swims through a reef

Partners of the Pacific Ciguatera Network join us from American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Hawaiʻi, Republic of the Marshall Islands, and the continental United States including Federal agencies. Links containing more information about each partner are listed below the respective logo.

American Samoa Community College Logo
Coral Reef Advisory Group Logo
EPA American Samoa

Environmental Protection Agency American Samoa

National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa Logo
Commonwealth Healthcare Northern Marianas Logo
Micronesia Conservation Trust Logo featuring simple green leaf
Whale Sketch Logo for One People One Reef
Conservation Society of Pohnpei logo featuring text 'preserving our natural heritage for a sustainable future'
Department of Agriculture, Guam. Logo depicts differing agricultural activities that take place on the island.
Hawaii DAR Logo
Hawaii State Department of Health Logos
Marshall Islands Conservation Society containing atolls and a fish
College of the Marshall Islands Logo
RMI Environmental Protection Authority
Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority
RMI Ministry of Health & Human Services Logo
Dauphin Island Sea Lab Alabama Aquarium Logo
National Park Service Logo
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Logo featuring a duck and a salmon
Woodshole Oceanographic Institite Logo

Eileen Nalley
Ocean and Coastal Ecosystem Health Specialist
University of Hawai’i
Sea Grant College Program
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: (808) 956-7031