A view of one part of Wakiki Beach with a walkway, beach, swimmers, buildings, and Diamond Head all in view.

A comprehensive approach to value Waikīkī Beach

PI: Nori Tarui
Waikiki Beach is a huge economic driver for Hawaiʻi, but with increased erosion from sea-level rise, the optimal strategy for its upkeep is still debated. This study endeavors to estimate the value of Waikiki’s benefits to tourists, residents, and businesses, and evaluate the costs of different beach improvement options.
Podcast #12: Erosion Commotion

Podcast #12: Erosion Commotion

Dr. Chip Fletcher and Anna Mikkelson employ drones to regularly generate profiles of Waikiki Beach to understand and monitor the movement of sand on, off, and across the beach through time.
Podcast #4: Wave Runup

Podcast #4: Wave Runup

Dr. Martin Guiles and Camilla Tognacchini explore the risks to west Maui of inundation and increased erosion from ordinary ocean waves as base-line sea levels rise.
Linear sets of depth values running off the beach show profile measurements.

A next generation beach observing system for Hawaiʻi

PI: Charles Fletcher
With sea-level rise impacting Hawaiian coasts, this project aims to develop a next-generation program for monitoring short and long-term changes in Hawaiian shorelines, employing recent technologic advances to enhance the efficiency and data quality of beach surveys, and ultimately, to improve accuracy and coverage of beach monitoring databases.