19 Jan: Why Thermal Cameras are Cool

Until recently, thermal cameras were not commonly available, but with the proliferation of cheap and accessible thermal imaging technology, new avenues of scientific discovery have opened up. Learn how geoscientists are now using thermal images to explore groundwater phenomena invisible to the naked eye.
Image of a green-tinted giant clam

05 Jan: Man-Eating Clams, Endangered by Man

Giant clams are ecologically important for coral reefs, but populations are threatened in much of their native range due to overharvesting for the aquarium and food trade. Without further management actions, we could see the demise of these beautiful ocean animals.

01 Dec: A model situation

In Keauhou, Hawaiʻi, household cesspools and a coastal wastewater treatment plant have the potential to release nutrients into the environment, negatively impacting coastal ecosystems. Read how groundwater model results can be used to assess the local water resources, providing insight into which major concerns should be addressed in the near future.
A colorful assortment of corals on display in an aquarium

17 Nov: Designing mesocosms

Learn about how experience from being a young aquarist has helped in designing this graduate student research at HIMB, using mesocosm systems to explore the formation of coral reef halos, mysterious patterns found in reefs around the world.