Climate change

waves cross the highway during a king tide on maui

WKCVA Report

Thumbnail image of yellow buoy floating in blue Hawaiian waters

Carbon dioxide measurements on the Oʻahu Coast

More CO2 in the air means more dissolved in the oceans. But how much and what its affects will be are matters of concern. Read this blog from one of our graduate fellows about her role in investigating CO2 in the waters around Oʻahu.
David Wallace-Wells at podium

Talking story to combat climate change

Through keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops, this year’s Hawaiʻi Climate Conference focused on the power of storytelling to push the theme of communicating climate change.
Small plants are growing in numerous pots in a laboratory setting

Vulnerability of Coastal Ecosystems to Increased Salinity from Climate Change

PI: Kasey Barton
Critical Hawaiian coastal habitats are at risk from climate change impacts, particularly sea-level rise, which threaten protective coastal plant species. This work examines the salinity tolerance of native, and invasive, coastal plants to identify those in need of greater management and conservation action.