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Campus Energy Manager works with five students in classroom with large screen.
Campus energy manager works with engineering students in the Sea Grant conference room

Student research assistants study energy consumption patterns of the UH Manoa Campus

Sea Grant has teamed up with the UH Office of Sustainability to manage a vast quantity of electricity metering data while also training and educating students. Students have been hired as energy data analysts studying campus buildings’ electricity load profiles, photovoltaic panel electricity power production, sizing batteries for storage, building load profiles in relation to weather conditions, and other topics. Sea Grant’s extension agent, Eileen Peppard has joined the UH Energy Manager, Miles Topping, and HECO engineers, to mentor students enrolled in electrical engineering classes for guided projects (EE 296, EE 396, EE 496). Since the Fall of 2021, the course is one of the College of Engineering’s “Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP)” focused on UH Energy and Sustainability. To learn more about how this VIP project started, read this UH News article.

Students have graphed data and created “dashboards” to help visualize the energy use in ways that can help the energy manager make actionable decisions. See some examples of dashboards below.