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SAGE2 Interface Installation Instructions

Sage is accessible using Chrome browser with SAGE2 Screen Capture extension.  To install the extension, go to “”  in Chrome.  This pages provides links you will need.
If you don’t have Chrome download it here: Download Chrome

Step to Install SAGE2 Screen Capture:
  1. In Chrome go to
  2. Click on the link: Sage2 Screen Capture
  3. SAGE2 Screen Capture window as shown to the left will open.
  4. Click on the “ADD TO CHROME” link in the upper right corner. (Note: if link reads “ADDED TO CHROME”, then the extension is already installed.
  5. You now have SAGE2 Screen Capture installed.
Screen capture of 'Scalable Amplified Group Environment' webpage
Log into  SAGE2 Server
  1. Be sure the meeting moderator has started the SAGE2 on the display wall.  Then click on the following link:
  2. If the warning window as shown to the left opens select “ADVANCED” and then select “Proceed to”.
  3. Log in window opens. Enter a name and color of your choice and click “Log in as Guest”.
  4. SAGE2 interface window as shown below will open.  From it you may open a pointer, share your screen, etc. which will be displayed on the large screen.
Screen grab stating 'your connection is not private'
Screen grab stating 'your connection is not private'
App launcher webface for Evl Lava
Non-Browser SAGE2 Interface (un-tested)
  1. Download from SAGE website: Windows SAGE2-interface or Mac SAGE2-interface
  2. Run the SAGE2 interface installation software
  3. Enter in the server box.  No passcode is required.
  4. Click connect.