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What is a Hawaiʻi Sea Grant Number?

It is a unique number ascribed to a publication or presentation.  This number helps to track the publications and presentations produced from the Hawaiʻi Sea Grant support. It is not just a pedantic request – it tracks an important accomplishment for the grant you are working under. One of the ways success is measured is by publications and presentations, and we want to be certain the project you are working under is credited with all of your hard work!  Also, all publications that are produced with Hawaiʻi Sea Grant support are entered into the national Sea Grant library, which is available online to the public.


What should get a Hawaiʻi Sea Grant number?

· Any peer reviewed document

· Presentations at meetings and conferences (both oral and posters)

· Dissertations and theses

· Videos/DVDs produced

· Any other type of outreach material – if in doubt, please call Cindy


What do I do with a Hawaiʻi Sea Grant number?

After you request the number, you will be emailed a standard acknowledgment text which contains the Sea Grant number in the body of the text. For any type of published document, you should add this text to your acknowledgement section, or anywhere else in the document that is appropriate.

For all oral or poster presentations, you may use the acknowledgment text and Sea Grant number as you feel is appropriate.


What if I’ve already published the paper/given the presentation and did not get a number?

We can still give (and want to give) the paper/presentation a number, which will ensure it is entered into our database. We do prefer you obtain the number before this happens but understand it can occur.


When should I ask for a Sea Grant number?

Earlier is better. The best time is just prior to a paper being submitted, or at least two weeks prior to a conference or meeting.


How to get a Sea Grant number

Send an email to Cindy ( with the following information:

What years did you work on this project?

The type of publication. Is it a peer reviewed journal article? A conference proceedings? A poster? An oral presentation?

The full citation. If you don’t have the full citation (because the paper is in press or in review for example) please send what you do know (i.e. which journal you have submitted to).

The stage at which the publication is (submitted, accepted, published etc).

Keywords (if any)


What to do next

If you didn’t supply a full citation, please be sure to follow up with that once it is known.

Once you have copies of the publication (PDF) please send those to Cindy so it can be sent to the National Sea Grant Library and entered into our Sea Grant database.


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