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Fish Swimming and Kalo Farm

Hawaiʻi Sea Grant funds research that emphasizes solution-based outcomes and applicability to pressing issues. Proposals are requested through a biennial research competition. Program development funds are also provided for select pilot projects throughout the year.

Current projects address critical topics such as hazard resilience, ecosystem health, sustainable seafood, and sustainable coastal development.

Science-based information promotes the development of beneficial products and services, while providing marine and coastal resource managers with the knowledge required for successful sustainable resource practices. Society benefits from a diverse range of Hawaiʻi Sea Grant research in focus areas identified by our constituents.

Hawaiʻi Sea Grant funded research often provides opportunities for graduate students who are working toward advanced degrees related to the marine or coastal sciences. These students are part of the Hawaiʻi Sea Grant Graduate Fellowship Program and participate in research and extension projects that provide them with thesis material and valuable opportunities to further their education.


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