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The Storm, the Flood, and the Future

by Jake BuehlerThe afternoon before the flooding, you would have been hard-pressed to find any reason to suspect it was coming. It was an idyllic, mid-April day in Hanalei, Kauaʻi, after all: 79 degrees, a mix of sun and clouds, ...

Ka Pili Kai Kau 2020

Click on the cover image to view the full issue. Community is Resilience Lucky we live Hawai‘i… as the local saying goes! In Hawai‘i, we’re blessed with an incredible environment with steep lush mountains and deep valleys sloping down to ...
waves cross the highway during a king tide on maui

WKCVA Report

Final Report  •  Appendix A  •  Appendix B  •  WKCVA Project HomeJune 2020 Final Report (pdf 19MB) Low-resolution pdf (6MB) available HERE ...
waves cross the highway during a king tide on maui

WKCVA Report Appendix B

Final Report  •  Appendix A  •  Appendix B  •  WKCVA Project Home Appendix B provides the sea level rise exposure maps associated with the report.  Please click on the links below to download sea level rise exposure maps for each ...
waves cross the highway during a king tide on maui

WKCVA Report Appendix A

Final Report  •  Appendix A  •  Appendix B  •  WKCVA Project HomeAppendix A provides the finalized VCAPS diagram from each CVA workshop. Please click on the link below to download Appendix A. APPENDIX A: VCAPS CAUSAL DIAGRAMS ...

The Three ‘Io Brothers and the Big Bad Hurricane

by Keri Kodama There lived three ‘Io brothers on the island of Hawai‘i. They had just left their nests and were on their way to make their living in the world. Each had bought his own house on the mountainside ...

Vulnerability of coastal ecosystems to increased salinity from climate change

 Research Projects 2020-2022 PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Kasey Barton Co-INVESTIGATORS: Dustin Wolkis, Seana Walsh, Tamara Sherrill Graduate Scholar: Anna McCormick Coastal habitats are critical for the welfare of island people, providing food, ensuring clean water, stabilizing beaches, and promoting cultural well-being. Due to ...

Tracking groundwater nutrients using novel tracers to inform coastal watershed management in South Kohala, Hawaiʻi

 Research Projects 2020-2022 PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Henrietta Dulai Co-INVESTIGATORS: Kim Falinksi Graduate Fellow: Casey McKenzie We propose to provide land use managers in the South Kohala Coastal Partnership information that identifies the path of the groundwater that emerges at the coast, and estimates ...

What can seascape-scale vegetation patterns on coral reefs tell us about reef health?

 Research Projects 2020-2022 PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Elizabeth Madin Graduate Fellow: Zackery Rago Coral reefs worldwide are threatened by a variety of human impacts. Fishing is among the most pressing threats to reefs, because it occurs on most reef systems and alters the ...
Microscope image of fish larvae with visible food inside

Resolving the Diet of Larval Marine Fishes to Accelerate Aquaculture Opportunities

 Research Projects 2020-2022 PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Brian Bowen Graduate Fellow: Emily Conklin, Cassie Kaʻapu-Lyons As the demand for sea food continues to rise, wild stocks are dwindling or disappearing. Meanwhile, the supply of marine ornamental fishes for the aquarium trade faces similar ...

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