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Scott Laursen
Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Center Climate Adaptation Extension Specialist
M.S. Botany, Ecosystem Ecology Focus, University of Wyoming
B.A. Biology, Environmental Studies Concentration, St. Olaf College
Scott Laursen
Phone: (307) 699-0123

2525 Correa Rd., HIG 239
Honolulu, HI 96822

Scott serves as a Climate Extension Services Specialist and focuses on co-developing extension research programs within the Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Center (PI-CASC). Scott facilitates the development of collaborative research products that directly support the resilience, sustainability, and adaptation of local communities in the face of complex challenges such as climate change impacts, land-use change, cultural change, and invasive species impacts. His programmatic efforts are driven by a relational approach to engaging multiple knowledge forms, supporting trust within existing long-term professional networks, and uniting diverse worldviews through collaboration and knowledge co-production (manager-driven research).

Scott is a naturalist, facilitator, and educator. Over a few decades, he has rooted his path in engaging diverse knowledge forms within the human condition through immersion experiences that develop and strengthen holistic relationships across human and more-than-human interactions. The intent of such engagement is to unite diverse worldviews in support of local adaptation through unprecedented socio-ecological change by further developing our ancestral and evolutionary capacities.