Ulana ʻIke

11 Feb: Resource habitat mapping and diet characterization of native and non-native mullet species to inform adaptive management in He‘eia Fishpond

PI: Shimi Rii
Native Hawaiian fishponds are unparalleled examples of effective, resilient, place-based food systems. This collaboratively designed and co-managed project aims to aid restoration and rehabilitation of fishponds by characterizing the diets of native and invasive mullet species using DNA analysis and biomarkers to link the fish with their prey, ideally to increase the capacity for sustainable aquaculture.

10 Feb: Enhancing social-ecological resilience and ecosystem services through restoration of coastal agroforestry systems

PI: Leah Bremer
Agroforestry systems were abundant in historical Hawaiʻi, and there is great interest in their restoration today. This project aims to understand better the potential for community-based agroforestry and co-develop a knowledge exchange to help Hawaiian practitioners across the islands respond and adapt to impacts of climate change.