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Voice of the Sea is broadcast on TV in Hawaiʻi, American Samoa, Guam, Palau, The Federated States of Micronesia, and The Marshall Islands. Click on the episodes below to watch Voice of the Sea full episodes or 30 second promos. Voice of the Sea is also available on our YouTube channel and Vimeo page.

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Voyaging Experts Talk Story

Voyaging Experts Talk Story

In this episode, we go onboard three historic voyaging canoes—the Hōkūle‘a, the Alingano Maisu, and the Moʻokiha o Piʻilani. We’ll learn about the equipment, materials, and crew members onboard to see what makes each canoe unique. — Season 2, Episode 19.  ...
Voice of The Sea Season 2 Episode 18

Polynesian Voyaging Canoes

In this episode, we’re talking with voyaging canoe builders, navigators, and captains from Hawaii and Micronesia: Ka’iulani Murphy, Sesario Sewralur, and Tim Gilliom. These heroes share their stories and pass on knowledge to the next generation — Season 2, Episode 18.  ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 17

Onboard the Falkor: Whale Watching

In this episode, we tour the Falkor, the high tech research vessel exploring Hawaii's waters. We'll meet some of the crew, learn about their jobs, and check out the research program studying the effect of the ship's sonar system on ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 16

Onboard the Falkor: Mapping the Northwest Hawaiian Islands

In this episode, we're onboard the Falkor, a high tech research vessel that's just returned from mapping the bottom of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, revealing new information about the origins of Hawaii. — Season 2, Episode 16.  30 second PROMO (Vimeo) ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 15

Scientists at Sea

In this episode, we meet the researchers and crew onboard the Kilo Moana scientific research vessel.  We'll get a sense of what it's like to go to sea on a research cruise and check out the jobs and equipment onboard ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 14

Science Journalists at Sea

In this episode, students in the COSEE Journalist at Sea program go to sea on the Kilo Moana Research Vessel. They join the science expedition and report back on the important work being done there, as well as what life ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 3

Food Webs of the Open Ocean

In this episode, Jeff Drazen, lead scientist of the Kilo Moana research cruise, explains how research is revising our understanding of what deep sea animals feed on. — Season 2, Episode 13.  30 second PROMO (Vimeo) Or watch this promo on ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 11

Navigating the Hōkūle’a

In this episode we meet navigator of the Hōkūle’a Ka’iulani Murphy.  She shows us the fabled canoe, and explains her role onboard. We also learn from navigator-in-training Jason Patterson. — Season 2, Episode 11.  30 second PROMO (Vimeo) Or watch this promo on YouTube ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 10

Fish Ears and Algae

We're in Guam looking at the bones in fish ears to determine their age.  Then we're studying algae. We'll check out some samples researchers have gathered and we'll learn why algae is so hard to classify. — Season 2, Episode 10.  ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 9

Managing Rose Atoll

In this episode, we learn about the pristine environment of Samoa's Rose Atoll with monument Manager Frank Pendleton. Frank explains his job as monument manager, working with scientists from across the Pacific to monitor the environmental health of Rose Atoll ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 8

Crown of Thorns Invades Samoa

In this episode we visit the National Park in American Samoa with ecologist Tim Clark. We’ll be doing some underwater surveying, looking for outbreaks of the crown of thorns starfish, which is devastating reefs across the Pacific. Tim and his ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 7

Studying Samoan Culture

In this episode we talk to ethnographer Micah Van Der Ryn of the Samoan Studies Institute.  Micah explains what it is to be an ethnographer as he catalogs the legends, history, and customs of everyday life in Samoa. We’ll also ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 6

Palau’s International Coral Reef Research Center

In this episode we tour Palau's International Coral Reef Research Center.  Researcher Adelle Lukes shows us around the aquarium and mangrove exhibit, the extensive coral collection, fish measurement system, and research equipment they use to study sea grass. — Season 2, ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 5

Life in American Samoa

In this episode, we journey to American Samoa to meet researchers, scientists, village chiefs, and everyday citizens to see how they're coping with a changing ocean.  We'll learn about the history, culture, natural resources, and challenges American Samoa faces from ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 4

Shark and Tuna Tagging

In this episode, we're on Coconut Island on Oahu to check out the latest in shark and tuna research. We'll investigate the types of high-tech tags used for tracking these large predators as they swim across the ocean. — Season 2, ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 3

Surf Forecasting

In this episode, we meet legendary surf forecaster Pat Caldwell. Pat has been predicting ocean conditions in Hawaiʻi for over 30 years. Pat talks about the most important factors in predicting waves. He also explains rouge waves, tsunamis, and the ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 2

Under the Waters of Palau

In this episode, we dive the world famous reefs of Palau, considered to be one of the best scuba destinations in the world. We meet world class underwater videographer Nick Martorano, who shares the secrets of filming underwater. — Season 2, ...
voice of the sea season 2 episode 1

A Preview of Upcoming Episodes

In this special episode we preview some upcoming Voice of the Sea stories. We'll be learning about life in American Samoa and what makes it unique.  We'll meet people managing it's natural resources. Fom chiefs to ethnographers, who study the ...

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