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Royal Hawaiian Beach, Waikiki - A Result of Human Influence and Intervention

Concerns related to coastal development in Waikīkī have centered on the possible impact on the active beach system. It is important to first recognize that the entire region of Waikīkī can be characterized as having a man-made coastline, including much of its current beach. To understand the changes that have occurred along sections of Waikīkī’s coastline, it is necessary to delve into both the coastal science and history of the area. Scientists, engineers, and local residents have observed and documented both the human-induced and natural factors that control sediment distribution in the region. These data have made it possible to create basic models for sediment transportation patterns in Waikīkī. Understanding the well-documented history of human impacts along this coastline helps to explain many of the beach and shoreline changes that have occurred over the past century and ultimately will assist the community, coastal resource managers, and local decision-makers in understanding the nature of cause and effect for this critical beach resource.

Royal hawaiian beach report
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October 2011