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Residents’ Natural Hazards Handbook for the Republic of the Marshall Islands

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Donald Hess | AFFILIATION: College of the Marshall Islands (CMI) | PROJECT LOCATION:  Republic of the Marshall Islands

A natural hazards handbook for the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) will facilitate more hazard-resilient RMI communities by providing residents with information about natural disasters and how communities and individuals can protect themselves.  It will cover specific topic areas, such as how to protect oneself in an emergency through disaster preparedness (i.e., evacuation planning and maintaining emergency supply kits), guidelines for identifying and mobilizing local assets, and best practices for developing ‘adaptation coalitions’ to facilitate locally-led, long-term, and flexible strategies for community resilience. Overall, this effort is intended to help reduce community vulnerability to natural hazards through education and outreach, to teach local groups to leverage the handbook to protect themselves.