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Requesting a Hawai'i Sea Grant Publication Number

Everything you wanted to know about Hawai'i Sea Grant publication numbers…. but were afraid to ask.

How to get a number

Send an email to Cindy with the following information (and sooner rather than later – you can obtain a number while a paper is in prep):

1. Hawai'i Sea Grant year of the start of the project (and any subsequent years if any) – so this means you can credit more than one Hawai'i SG year with a single publication.

2. The type of publication. Is it a peer reviewed journal article? A conference proceedings? A poster?

3. The full citation. If you don’t have the full citation (because the paper is in press or in review for example) please send what you do know (i.e. which journal you have submitted to)

4. The stage at which the publication is (submitted, accepted, published etc)

5. Key words (if any)

6. Which project should be credited?

What to do next

1. If you didn’t supply a full citation, please be sure to follow up with that once it is known.

2. Once you have copies of the publication (electronic or hard) please send those to Cindy so it can be “transmitted” to the national office.