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Reimaanlok: An Approach for Community-Based Management

Reimaanlok Looking to the Future: National Conservation Area Plan for the Marshall Islands 2007-20121 (referred to as Reimaanlok) was developed to fill the need for a conservation area planning framework, and "develop principles, process and guidelines for the design, establishment and management of conservation areas that are fully owned, led and endorsed by local communities based on their needs, values and cultural heritage."

This facilitator’s guide is designed to be used in conjunction with Reimaanlok. It is strongly suggested that before embarking on this project one should have read the plan and be familiar with the Reimaanlok conservation planning process. This step-by-step guide includes management tools and examples that will help facilitators establish resource management plans and community-based conservation areas that consider current and future trends (including climate change), locally and globally, that affect the islands’ resources and their sustainability.

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PDF icon Reimaanlok field guide
Publication Date
January 2013