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Kailua Beach and Dune Management Plan

Hawai'i’s shorelines exhibit a wide variety of physical characteristics, depending on their geomorphic formation, off-shore conditions, and degree of human alteration or use. Not only are shoreline conditions quite variable according to location, they are also subject to change from long-term environmental factors such as sediment supply, island subsidence and sea-level rise.

The regulatory regime governing Hawai'i’s coastal environment is a complex blend of county, state and federal jurisdictions set forth in ordinances, statutes, and administrative rules and regulations. The basic framework of this regulatory system, established approximately four decades ago, has seen little substantive change, although criteria and procedures for defining the location of the shoreline and uses and activities that are permitted within certain distances inland from the shoreline have been refined and modified somewhat over the years.

Regulatory controls have had only limited success in preventing or mitigating damage to the coastal environment. It is clear Hawai'i’s regulatory function could be much more effective if it were tailored to reflect the unique and dynamic physical characteristics of each region or district. It is necessary to incorporate consideration of long-term effects such as  climate change to our natural and built environment, and develop proactive policies and practices that promote appropriate management of coastal resources based on the current state of knowledge. This is particularly the case for shorelines that are subject to continual change due to seasonal or long-term erosion or accretion and are now further impacted by the changing climate systems.

In many cases, these dynamic shorelines and beach environments are among Hawai'i’s most treasured and popular scenic and recreational attractions. Some of these beaches have not been altered to a degree that it destroys their value, but are still subject to actual and potential threats, both near-term and long-term, if proper and holistic management policies and practices are not put into place. For this reason, the Department of Land and Natural Resources, in cooperation with the University of Hawai'i Sea Grant Program, has embarked on an effort to develop beach management plans for selected shoreline environments throughout the state.

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December 2010