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Ka Pili Kai Spring 2011

In this issue of Ka Pili Kai we are fortunate to share a snapshot of the fascinating research being conducted by the University of Hawai‘i Sea Grant College Program graduate trainees. This research tackles a wide range of topics including management of Hawaiian limpets (also called ‘opihi); how various organisms within an ecosystem may respond to climate change; how the introduction of alien species is affecting both the main Hawaiian Islands and the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands; threats that coral reefs face due to the changing environment; beach erosion due to massive winter swells on the North Shore of O‘ahu; and how urban activities such as construction disrupts the natural flow of freshwater into the ocean. This important research will help coastal policymakers answer critical management questions today, and at the same time, is providing the graduate trainees with the skills to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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May 2011