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Ka Pili Kai Fall 2008

Many Pacific Islanders have an intimate connection to the sea, relying on its resources for sustenance, important cultural traditions and economic opportunities. While the University of Hawai‘i Sea Grant College Program (UH Sea Grant) has been working closely with coastal communities throughout this region for many years, exciting new developments have recently taken place. In this issue we take you to the shores of some of the smallest, most geographically isolated islands in the world to show how UH Sea Grant extension faculty and their partners are working hand-inhand with local farmers to culture and market species such as pearls, giant clams, corals, shrimp and finfish. In addition, we highlight an emerging region-wide effort to create an effective partnership of coastal and marine professionals throughout the Pacific Islands to integrate ocean data collection and dissemination to most effectively serve the needs of the coastal communities.

Pacific Island Initiatives
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September 2008