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Assessment of Hazards Awareness and Participatory Planning for All Hazards Resiliency on Guam

PRINCIPLE INVESTIGATOR: Laura Biggs, Assistant Professor | PROJECT AFFILIATION: University of Guam Sea Grant | PROJECT LOCATION: Guam

The intent of this project is to increase coastal hazard resilience on Guam using a village-based approach, which focuses on developing hazard resilience plans specific to the main regions on Guam through the participation of community residents.  The project will assess current awareness and perspectives of Guam residents on coastal storms vulnerability and hazards resources, evaluate existing hazard mitigation and adaptation plans, and compile climate and coastal storms-related data to support improvement initiatives.  To facilitate a collaborative, community-based approach to hazard resilience planning, the project will host two multi-hazard workshops that will allow community members, government representatives, and members of special interest groups to engage on a common level to identify both gaps in and possible solutions to multi-hazard management and improving hazard resilience.