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Hawai‘i’s Changing Climate, Briefing Sheet, 2010

The average temperature of Earth’s surface and shallow ocean have increased over the past century, markedly so since the 1970’s. Globally, 2009 tied with several other years as the second warmest year on the instrumental record (since 1880).

The purpose of this briefing sheet is to describe how global climate change is influencing the Hawaiʻi climate, as published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and in government reports and websites.

In Hawaiʻi:
• Air temperature has risen,
• Rainfall and stream flow have decreased,
• Rain intensity has increased,
• Sea level and sea surface temperatures have increased, and
• The ocean is acidifying.

Because these trends are likely to continue, scientists anticipate growing impacts to Hawaiʻi, from water resources and forests to coastal infrastructure and marine ecology. There is a significant need for sustained and enhanced climate monitoring and assessment activities in Hawaiʻi; and a compelling requirement for focused research to produce models of future climate changes and local impacts.

Hawai‘i’s Changing Climate, Briefing Sheet, 2010
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March 2010