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Graduate Trainee Program

The University of Hawaiʻi Sea Grant College Program funds full-time graduate students who are working toward advanced degrees related to the marine or coastal sciences.

Graduate trainees supported by Hawai'i Sea Grant are required to dedicate 40 hours per year to education outreach activities and often participate in the Hawai'i Sea Grant Center for Marine Science Education's training to accumulate these hours. Participating students will undergo education training facilitated by the College of Education’s Curriculum Research and Development Group and develop outreach projects to share cutting-edge marine science with K-12 students, teachers, and community members. Projects that emerge from the education training are presented to K-12 students and the general public at the biennial School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology’s Open House. Through this comprehensive training, Hawai'i Sea Grant graduate trainees gain the theoretical and experiential knowledge needed to integrate successful outreach into their own professional lives.