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Global and Regional Vulnerability to 21st Century Climate Shifts in Current Areas of Plant Growth

Principal Investigator: Camilo Mora Mora

Graduate Student: Farrah Powell, Alessandra Shea

Terrestrial plant production is a fundamental component of the carbon cycle on Earth, which delivers numerous ecological, economic, social and aesthetic goods and services to humanity. A growing body of evidence suggests that ongoing climate change could displace suitable areas for plant growth, which in turn could trigger considerable distress. This project will evaluate a new detailed metric of the potential impacts of climate change on plant growth: the number of days with suitable climate for plant growth.

The project will deliver a detailed insight into the time frames in which climate conditions are suitable for plant growth rather than the traditional look at absolute climate changes. It is anticipated that the results will reveal new facets in which climate change could impact plant growth and will also deliver important information for the development of proper mitigation policies in the right places, globally and regionally.