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Future Climate Change, Sea-Level Rise, and Ocean Acidification: Implications for Hawaii and Western Pacific Fisheries Management

We are just beginning to scratch the surface on our understanding of how the impending future warming and acidification of the surface ocean will negatively impact the recruitment, physiology, population dynamics, and ecology of various tropical-related fisheries along with the larger marine ecosystem. The purpose of this case study is to provide a brief overview of these issues by reviewing a wide range of related topics such as the economics of fisheries, the science of climate change and ocean acidification, how future climate change and ocean acidification may impact tropical marine fisheries, how global and coastal populations and future population growth place pressures on the fishery resource, importance of fisheries as a global food and protein source, etc. While this case study touches on a broad and diverse range of topics at the undergraduate level, it is not meant to be a definitive review of all these topics. At the end of each chapter, a short list of suggested readings is provided for those interested in further exploring the subject material.
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January 2013