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Full Directory

Marvin Puakea Nogelmeier

Poʻo / Director, Institute of Hawaiian Language Research and Translation; Poʻo / Director, Center for Integrated Science, Knowledge, and Culture

Paige Okamura

Hoa Noiʻi Laeoʻo / Graduate Research Assistant

Darren Okimoto

Hoa Kumu Kūkā / Advising Faculty
Phone(808) 956-7031

Tara Miller Owens

Coastal Processes Extension Agent
Phone(808) 463-3868
Fax(808) 270-1775

Jonathan Page

Graduate Trainee

Ruby Pap

Coastal Land Use Extension Agent
Phone(808) 241-4183
Fax(808) 241-6699

Stephen M. Pauley

Affiliate Faculty

Eileen Peppard

Sustainability Specialist
Phone(808) 956-2861
Fax(808) 956-3014

Brian Popp

Professor, Department of Geology & Geophysics
Phone(808) 956-6206
Fax(808) 956-5512