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Oceana P Francis

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Phone(808) 956-6859
Fax(808) 956-3014

Marie Fujitani

Knauss Fellow 2013

Jenny Fung

Graduate Trainee

Ruth Gates

Director, Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology
Phone(808) 236-7420
Fax(808) 236-7443

Craig R. Glenn

Professor, Department of Geology & Geophysics
Phone(808) 956-2200
Fax(808) 956-5512

Matthew Gonser

Extension Agent, Community Planning and Design
Phone(808) 956-2872
Fax(808) 956-3014

Shellie Habel

Graduate Trainee

Christopher Hawkins

Affiliate Faculty
Phone(808) 956-7031
Fax(808) 956-3014

Katy Hintzen

Coastal Resilience Specialist