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Mary J. Donohue

Program Specialist
Phone(808) 956-7031
Fax(808) 956-3014

Daniel Dores

Graduate student

Patrick Drupp

Knauss Fellow 2015

Heather D.K. Dudock

Assistant Communications Leader, Multimedia Specialist
Phone(808) 956-2415
Fax(808) 956-3014

Henrietta Dulai

Associate Professor, Department of Geology & Geophysics
Phone(808) 956-0720
Fax(808) 956-5512

Simon Ellis

Marine Resource Management Specialist

Dolan Eversole

Coastal Processes Specialist
Phone(808) 956-9780
Fax(808) 956-3014

David Forman

Knauss Fellow 1991

Devin Forrest

Hoa Noiʻi Laeoʻo / Graduate Research Assistant

Oceana P Francis

Oceana P. Francis headshot
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Phone(808) 956-6555
Fax(808) 956-3014