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Diane Sakamoto

Fiscal Support
Phone(808) 956-3010
Fax(808) 956-9991

Jen Salerno

Knauss Fellow 2011

Dale Sartor

Affiliate Faculty
Phone(510) 486-5988
Fax(510) 486-4089

Andre P Seale

Assistant Research Faculty, Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology
Phone(808) 236-7453

Kanesa Seraphin

Director, Center for Marine Science Education
Phone(808) 225-1753
Fax(808) 956-9486

Janice Sessing

Knauss Fellow 1991

Alessandra Shea

Graduate Trainee

Joy Shih

Graduate Trainee

Amanda Shore

Graduate Trainee

Celia Smith

Professor, Department of Botany
Phone(808) 956-6947