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Improving the National Spatial Reference System in the Pacific Islands

This project seeks to improve the spatial reference system ofMajuro, Kosrae, Pohnpie, Chuuk, and Yap to allow these islands to be on a common and improved geographic system with most of the rest of the world.  This proposed integrated GPS survey and leveling campaign, will provide accuracies better than 1 cm in the horizontal and 6 mm in the vertical components. The positional improvements will support a diversity of GIS, engineering, geophysical, charting and mapping applications required within NOAA and other Federal and local government agencies and private sector requirements.

With the exception of a Global Positioning System (GPS) survey conducted by the Photogrammetry Section, Nautical Charting Division of the National Ocean Service

(NOS) in 1993 for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), there has been no systematic geodetic survey activities performed in the region by NGS or USGS in more than 30 years and thus, there are numerous local geodetic datums still in use.   An outreach component is an essential part of this project and NGS staff will train island personnel in high accuracy GPS techniques and geodetic leveling to build the capacity on this topic in the region.

Edward Carlson
National Geodetic Survey