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Developing Pacific Storms Climatology Products

‘Pacific Storms’ is focused on improving our understanding of patterns and trends of storm frequency and intensity - “storminess”- within the Pacific region.  It is exploring how the climate-related processes that govern extreme storm events are expressed within and between three thematic areas: heavy rains, strong winds, and high seas.  It is developing a suite of extremes climatology-related data and information products.  NOAA Coastal Storms Program (CSP) provided additional resources to fast track derived-data product development and dissemination in the Pacific Islands. 

Pacific Storms data products include delineation of rates of sea level rise and high water return periods, as well as changes in the frequency of both short-lived intense rainfall events and extended periods of heavy rains and the linkages of these patterns and trends to climate indices.  Such information is critical to risk assessment scenario development in support of coastal land-use planning and resource management.  It also forms the basis for establishing infrastructure (roads, water, sewer) design criteria, among other things.   Pacific Storms products can be viewed at

John Marra
NOAA NCDC Integrated Data and Environmental Applications (IDEA) Center   
Eileen Shea
NOAA NCDC Integrated Data and Environmental Applications (IDEA) Center