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Coastal Inundation Mapping Course

The Coastal Inundation Mapping Course, created by the NOAA Coastal Services Center, is provided as a two-day course or a four hour workshop.  The course is targeted to address the needs of certified floodplain managers, National Weather Service personnel, and county, state, and municipal officials.  Participants learn about coastal inundation issues and spatial techniques for mapping inundation.  After completing this course, participants are able to: 1) understand inundation terminology and datum issues; 2) access topographic data; 3) create a digital elevation model; 4) understand coastal and ocean observation data and their applications; and 5) conduct an inundation risk and vulnerability assessment. 

The course has been tailored to address the specific inundation issues in the Pacific Islands region, including vertical datums, sea level rise and tsunami threats, and shallow coastal flooding.A 4-hour workshop/feedback session was conducted in Hawaii in September of 2009 to solicit feedback on how to customize the course to the Pacific Islands project area.  Coastal inundation experts were included in the feedback session and CSC staff customized the 2-day course and 4 hr workshop based on theirrecommendations.  The course contains content from Coastal Storms Program projects including a sea-level rise study on Hawaii and GIS exercise that was added in FY09 from the Gulf of Mexico project area.

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